He who would be no slave, must consent to have no slave.”

Abraham Lincoln
The Chimpanzee Chronicles: the book + site for candid conversations about the humane and ethical responsibilities we have as humans to care for chimpanzees in need + compassionate actions that can effect lasting change for them.


The Chimpanzee Chronicles:

Stories of Heartache and Hope from Behind the Bars

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The Human Exploitation of Chimpanzees

We have forced chimpanzees to exist in our world with little, if any, consideration or respect for who they are—as individuals and a culture. Kept as prisoners in a foreign world, humans have broken their spirit. The time is now for this madness to stop. We are the ones, the only ones, who can help them.

Chimpanzees are not actors, substitute human children, or science projects for medical research— they are sentient, intelligent beings who are emotionally complex and capable of feeling and expressing the same emotions as we do— sadness, grief, excitement, anger, depression, joy and love. They share our capacity for self-recognition, perceptive awareness, and sympathetic understanding, in addition to a highly sensitive and benevolent heart.

Too many innocent great apes, monkeys and other animals have been forced to endure pain, suffering, and death at the hands of individuals and corporations who are insensitive to the sanctity of life. It’s time for humanity to wake up and respond to each precious life with reverence; as sacred guardians of the earth, it’s our responsibility to do so.