About Debra

Author & Activist, Debra Rosenman

Allowing nature, animals and spirit to guide my life has filled my path with magic and mystery, opening me to a world I could never have imagined.

Debra Rosenman and Lilly

As a writer, I am focused on the plight of chimpanzees worldwide; as an animal advocate, I instill messages of hope, always holding to a higher vision, and as a media consultant, I assist individuals and organizations in growing conscious businesses into the world. I am in private practice as a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist and Somatic Archaeologist™, specializing in somatic based healing of generational trauma and debilitating grief and loss.  As a workshop leader, I facilitate Journey into the Animal Heart Circles, to assist people in unearthing their own powerful voice within, in order to effect change in the world.

I hired a baby chimpanzee in the late 80’s, when I owned an event planning business in New York City. Of course, this little chimpanzee girl was the hit of the party, coming in on roller skates and then jumping into our hearts. Who knew I was doing something so wrong? I was not aware of any of the issues; I did not think for a moment about what happens to these baby entertainers when they grow up, or what they have to go through to perform. Nonetheless, this little visit stayed with me.

A decade later, I was poisoned by pesticides and became very ill. During this time, I had a dream that would move my life in an extraordinary direction. I was told to be ‘receptive to the beauty, grace and deep wonder of the forest, animals and our own human nature’. Animals— mostly chimpanzees—started to show up in my dreams. The dreams continued for many years, facilitating my healing and opening me into an unexpected and remarkable relationship with animals and the earth. As I immersed myself in the language, history and plight of the chimpanzee, I was broken-hearted to find out about the tragic issues confronting them. I made a solemn vow then to speak out on their behalf.

I founded Project Sweet Dreams, an innovative program that teaches children (grades 1-6) about compassion and humane ethics through the study of Great Apes, with a focus on education, fundraising, and community relations, in 2006. Our goal is to encourage a deep respect and empathy towards animals and the earth.

I am living  my dream, speaking out on behalf of chimpanzees and other animals whose voices need to be heard, as well as helping children bridge a world between species.